OmniGuard Wellness Program: Independent Living

If an elderly loved one wants to be on their own, they need some way to let people know how things are going.

OmniGuard is excited to offer’s Wellness Program, which makes this possible.

Wellness_userinterfaceOffering a system that combines sensors, mobile notifications and home automation, the Wellness Program provides a secure and cost-effective option for independent living. With discreet wireless sensors placed in the home, family members can track routines and activities of their loved ones. Are they eating? Did they get out of bed? are no longer concerns.

Fully integrated with’s home security, energy management and home automation services, you not only have 24/7 awareness of elderly family members, but the system can inform caregivers and providers when issues of concern arise. It also makes it easy to control many aspects of the home via the mobile app.

The Wellness program offers consumer friendly technology to assure families that everyone is safe, while also gathering powerful behavioral data to help providers deliver the best care possible. With a new bed presence monitor, panic buttons and sensors that monitor activity, families can ensure the well-being of loved ones, even when they’re far apart.

Enable the “wellderly” to maintain their independence, with improved care and peace of mind for everyone.