Home Security Systems Serving Portland, OR, and Southwest Washington

At OmniGuard Security, we pride ourselves on offering the latest and best in home security. We understand no two homeowners or families are alike. That is why we design security systems tailored to our clients’ needs.

Cellular-Based Control

We know there are many security companies you can use, but we believe we offer the best security for the modern world. We monitor our systems 24/7 for unwanted intrusions, fire, smoke, carbon monoxide leaks, moisture, and temperature changes. We use wireless and cellular technology from Alarm.com and 2GIG that are easy to use and non-invasive to install. Our alarm systems also integrate with Z-Wave technology that makes adding home automation features incredibly easy.

Home Automation

You can program your system from the control panel when you’re inside your house. You can also program the system through your mobile device when you’re not. With your mobile app, you can see live video of anyone entering or exiting your home. You can also get video alerts instantly sent to you via text or email. As long as you have mobile access, you can view streaming footage live from anywhere in the world. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing what is going on within your home at all times.

Home Video

When there is an emergency, the system notifies the authorities and sends you automatic text or email notifications. But you can also use the system to track daily activities, like when the kids come home from school. For example, one of the systems we carry, Alarm.com, is completely wireless, so your home will stay protected even if your power, phone, or internet service goes out. The alert notifications and state-of-the-art security services like dedicated wireless connection will allow the control panel to continue working even if it’s destroyed.


With our amazing team of designers and installers, we believe we offer home security at its finest. But security isn’t all our systems offer. Thanks to modern technology, you can do a lot more with an OmniGuard home security alarm system besides just secure your house! Energy management and automation is part of the package. The ability to set a schedule for heating and cooling your home, or for turning on or off the lights and alarms, is at your fingertips.

Every alarm solution we provide can be easily customized to your home’s configuration as well as your vision and needs. And it’s great for second homes or rentals too, as you can manage multiple homes via your mobile dashboard. Key benefits include:

  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Wireless security systems
  • Cellular GSM Technology – no landline necessary
  • 2-Way Voice
  • Tamper-resistant technology – harder for criminals to disable
  • Arm and disarm your home security alarm system from with mobile apps
  • Know the status of your security system in real time
  • Easily sync home alarm systems with home automation systems
  • Reduce energy costs with smart thermostats
  • Watch live video from integrated monitoring system

OmniGuard understands that feeling safe and secure is extremely important. We’ll install your home security system and ensure you know how to use it before we leave. Don’t hesitate to get the process started.

For more detail, check out our Portland Security Home Automation technology, and contact us today to get a quote!