Home Automation in Portland, OR and Southwest WA

home automationTechnology in the home is changing quickly. For example, today’s security systems can sound alarms to alert you about carbon monoxide, smoke and fire, and intruders. Systems also feature a variety of home automation components designed to give homeowners remote control over various systems and devices. OmniGuard Security offers full-service systems with additional home automation features at rates that are comparable to the monthly costs that the big security companies charge for their most basic systems.

About Us

When it comes to Pacific Northwest alarm systems, OmniGuard Security takes technology seriously. We believe every residence and business should have a security alarm system and automated control at their fingertips. We think what we’ve got to offer is pretty different than what most of the other security companies have to offer. We’re also a local Portland security company that cares about our community.

What is Home Automation?

OmniGuard Security residential systems, powered by Alarm.com, give homeowners the ability to monitor cameras and motion detectors, adjust home temperature and lights from their computer or smartphone, and arm or disarm their home systems remotely. The ability to control systems in your home remotely and control your thermostat more efficiently when you are not home may result in significant savings in energy bills. Some home automation features may require additional equipment; however, most of our customers find the costs to be nominal when compared to the benefits and return on investment gained.

Key Benefits

  • Sync home automation features with an alarm system
  • Manage the home better
  • Monitor all home sensors from mobile apps or from a computer
  • Reduce energy costs with Smart Schedules and Smart Thermostats
  • Lighting – set lights to turn on and off at certain times
  • Open doors without keys
  • Set door lock codes for individual users, including family members, service professionals, and second home users
  • Automatically lock the doors when the system is armed
  • Video camera integration
  • Get image alerts whenever the front door is opened
  • Fire and CO alerts

After home automation lighting features have been added to a security system, you can set your lights to automatically turn on any time your system is triggered. Talk about a deterrent for criminals – it’s hard to rob a house when all the lights are on.

With the superior service offered by OmniGuard Security and the peace of mind that accompanies a state-of-the-art security and home automation system, homeowners can look forward to having the control and security they deserve.