Home Video Monitoring and Security in Portland, OR and Southwest, WA

alarm.com iphone_app_statusA home video monitoring system from OmniGuard Security lets you easily integrate video monitoring and home security automation through your handheld smart device. This technology means home interiors/exteriors can be seen in real time through a phone’s video capabilities. New cellular based security also allows users to control deadbolt locks, open or close garage doors remotely, set a thermostat, or turn lights on or off.

Focus on Evolving Technology

OmniGuard Security understands and keeps pace with rapidly evolving communications technology. Our latest home video platform uses today’s cellular-based equipment for simple, affordable, wireless protection that eliminates costly and intricate hardwired installation. Benefits include:

  • Live streaming video in real time on your smartphone, computer or tablet
  • Automatic video recordings whenever motion is detected (a door opens, etc.)
  • Automatic alerts via text or e-mail of breaches or movements
  • Real-time view of who’s at outside doors, in the driveway, or entering the house
  • Checking items within the dwelling to determine presence; ascertain security breaches

The system’s easy wireless setup and performance facilitates adding more cameras. OmniGuard Security can mount and quickly link new cameras to the network, including dome, fixed lens, pan/tilt, outdoor day or night models. Growing your home video network has never been simpler or more cost-efficient.

Personal In-Home Evaluation and Custom Setup

OmniGuard Security professionals will conduct a full home walk-through to determine optimal camera placement and types based on individual needs, such as a low light camera at an outside door or a pan/tilt unit to sweep indoor stairways or large kitchens.

We personally explain every piece of technology, including complete software setup on the homeowner’s preferred device. Our team also personally instructs homeowners on how to maintain or adjust the system versus simply supplying an instruction manual.

When you are ready to fully protect your home or business, give the security professionals at OmniGuard Security a call to learn more.