Our wireless security systems are easily installed in minutes.  Our wireless sensors and control panels are easily installed with an adhesive tape, that will not damage your walls and paint.  In fact, if you move, you can easily take your security system with you.

Many traditional security systems require many holes to be drilled and wires to be run through your home.  In the event there is an error in traditional security systems, it can also be far more difficult to trace where the error is in the system, if there hundreds of feet of wire in a home.

Key Benefits:

  • No wires that need to be run through your home or business
  • Systems which can easily be moved when you move
  • Cellular connectivity (no land-line necessary)
  • Increased security with no land-lines which could be cut
  • Know the status of every sensor in your security system in real time

Many of our customers are able to completely get rid of their land-lines, because their land-lines are only used for their traditional security systems, often saving customers $30 per month.  How often do you use your land-line at home?

Our wireless security systems also operate with cellular wireless GSM technology which communicates any alarm activity to a central monitoring station.  When the land-line to a home with a traditional security system is snipped, the security system has no way of notifying authorities.  If the control box of a traditional security system is destroyed with a baseball bat before it can send a signal to authorities, the authorities will never know there has been a break-in at a home.  Our wireless security systems are not just less intrusive to install, they are also far more secure than traditional wired alarm systems.