Mobile Apps

Our interactive security systems can be armed and disarmed remotely from your cell phone or tablet.  Our free security mobile apps are powered by Our customers find it very convenient to know what’s going on with their security systems when they are away from their home or business.  If you forget to arm your security system, you can easily arm it from our mobile app with a couple of touches on your screen (or maybe your Apple watch).Picture Of Cell Phones With Access To Home Security Systems - OmniGuard Security

Key Benefits:

  • Know the status of your security system in real time
  • Arm and disarm your security system from your phone or tablet
  • Watch live security video on your phone
  • Control home automation features from your mobile phone, tablet, or Apple watch

Our security mobile apps can also help you manage your home. The home automation features can provide you with powerful opportunities to run your household more efficiently. From thermostat to lights, smart energy management lets you set energy saving schedules based on the activity patterns in your household.  Would you like to be able to easily check when your kids get home from school, see when the dog walker comes into your home, or when the plumber arrives, or save money on your electricity bill?  With our technology, you can.

You can also set up geo fence mobile alerts with your security system that will let you know when you are more than a mile away from your home and your security system is still unarmed.  Schedule a free security consultation to see our security mobile apps in action!