Old vs. New

New security systems are completely different than old security systems.

We believe in offering our customers the best technology in the market, in both physical equipment, software, apps, and support.  Today, features like video monitoring and home automation are easily added to modern security systems.  We are constantly on the lookout for the best security technology.  Unfortunately many folks who have been using some of the large security companies are using old technology and simply don’t know it.

Key Benefits of New Technology

  • Much more difficult for criminals to defeat than traditional security systems
  • No expensive land-line necessary
  • Completely wireless new security systems
  • Easily add advanced home automation features
  • New systems can be easily controlled remotely on smart phones or computers
  • View video footage on smartphones or computers remotely in real time
  • Alerts for intrusion, fire, flood, natural gas, carbon monoxide and when doors or windows are opened or closed
  • Easily secure high value rooms, liquor cabinets, gun safes, or desk drawers
  • Get inexpensive recessed sensors
  • Pet friendly, so you don’t have to worry about your cat setting off your alarm
  • Geo fence technology
  • Ability to know the status of every sensor in real time

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