We believe every family and business should have a security alarm system.  We think what we’ve got to offer is pretty different than what most of the other security companies have to offer.  We’re also a local Portland security company that cares about our community.

We believe there is a big difference between us and the big guys.  A lot of companies will charge for every little thing – from installation, to activation, to monitoring and automation. We don’t.

Thanks to modern technology, our sensors and systems are wireless, which means OmniGuard security systems are less intrusive and easier to install – saving you money. Moreover, with a cellular based system that doesn’t depend on a landline, you can still be alerted instantly if your phone lines are down. Your system is monitored 24/7 by us, and by you with the mobile app, so you can have peace of mind that you’re secure.

OmniGuard systems also come with home automation options. Not only can you check video of the house on your phone, you can turn on the lights, adjust the thermostat, and let someone in. Automate your home, save energy and stay comfortable. With OmniGuard, your dollars will go much further.

Discover the OmniGuard Difference:

  • We’re a local company without a corporate agenda
  • OmniGuard security systems include easy to use interactive mobile and web based apps
  • All of our standard alarm systems include 2-way voice
  • We use wireless equipment; our security systems don’t require land-lines
  • Our security systems are safe from crash and smash attacks
  • Easily integrate home automation features with your security system
  • We use a variety of equipment tailored to every customer’s unique security needs

We offer tech from Alarm.com, 2GIG, Exacq, Brivo and a variety of other manufacturers.

Contact us today to discover the OmniGuard difference!